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Bartending Services

Expert Bartenders Dedicated to making your event run smoothly so you don't have to

$300 Service Package 

- 1 hours for set up

- 4  hours service

- 1 hour break down and clean up

- Additional charges may apply

The Little Things

- Custom Cocktail Creation

- Ice Delivery

- Glassware upgrade

- Cocktail waiter/waitress

- Mocktails

Bartening Service
Bottle Service

Beverage Bars

Licensed to provide Beer, Wine, and Spirits for Full Service options 

Cash Bar

Drinks are served and paid for by your guests during the event.


Open Bar

Drinks are served on demand without cost to your guests. Billed to Host/Hostess


Ticketed Bar

Guests are served drinks in exchange for a prepaid tickets.

Number of tickets or items may be limited per Host/Hostess preferences.


-Drip coffee and tea set up for parties
-Self serve or served by a barista
-Hot or cold
- Flavors available

Hot Chocolate Bar

- Homemade hot chocolate available in white, mild, or dark

- Hot chocolate Bombs
- Select your topping items


Utilize our experienced mixologists to create fun non alcoholic mocktails using fresh juices and ingredients
- Fresh squeezed juices
- Unique hand crafted mixers and garnishes


*Top Shelf, Call and Well options will be provided for selection. Pricing varies by selection.

​*Bartender required.

*Quotes must have selection of spirits before completed

Mobile Bar Rental Service

Mobile Bar Rental

Offer an experience like no other with a one of a kind mobile bar.


1967 Airstream Safari was given new life as a full service mobile bar for a One of a Kind experience 

- Self Contained

-500+ guest service capacity 

- 2-Tap Tower

- Soda Gun

- Two well options for multiple bartenders

- Liquor Display

- Indoor and Outdoor lighting

-20 foot long trailer

*flat, dry surface of 24’ required.



4' Satellite Bar Station 

- Vintage buffet given new life as our satellite bar for indoor venues

- Wine and Beer

- Signature cocktail station


NonAlcoholic Service
Cold Cuts

Food Bars

Give them something to remember 

Something for everyone

- Finest ingredients to prepare the finest food

- Locally Sourced

 - Hand Crafted Pasta and scratch made sauce

- BBQ Steak Chili

- Vegan Feasts

Grazing Tables
Where sweet and Savory Meet

We curate grazing boards that perfectly balances all the flavors with a striking presentation

Hand crafted brie dripping with honey

Locally cured meats paired with fresh baked crostini and so much more.

Hors D'oeuvres

Elegantly designed finger foods to be served in lieu of a larger meal.

Perfect for cocktail hour.

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